Mom’s 95!

Mom, Me and CakeThere she blows!

Out goes the nine, quickly and precisely followed by the five.

The fans, all twelve of us, went wild!

I was the loudest with a big, “Way to go, Mama, Mama!”

Mom took a deep breath and asked, “Can I eat, now?”

The first slice was passed her way. Two seconds later a good sized piece was in her mouth. Mom is a professional candle blower-outer, but she is even better at cake gobbling.  With her mouth full she mutters, “This is the best cake I have ever eaten!”

That’s saying something considering mom has had her fair share of 95 birthday cakes that have had her name on them. That’s a  lot of cakes! That’s a lot of candles!

The fans were settling down for the long haul. Nothing like cake to get a family focused and all working together to make it disappear!

Poof! Like magic, it was all gone!

What’s next?

2015, that’s what!

I have no idea what’s going to happen, but I do know I will be sharing whatever does with you.

So, here’s to mom and her journey to Christmas 2015 and her 96th birthday party extravaganza where all of us will be shouting in unison, “There she blows!”

Love you, mom,

Your boy … Tom




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