Mom’s Meets Mr. Booger Head, aka, Mr. Potato Head

Mom Singing, “God Bless America”

Mom and Me Singing, “This Little Light of Mine”

My Granddaughter, Livi, and Me Singing Her Very Own, “Great Song”

Mom’s and My Delicious Cool Whip Video (Highly Original)

My Sister, Nel, Mom, and Me Singing, “A Gift to Be Simple”

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  1. Give your Mom a BIG hug all the way from Switzerland. Her persona and lightheartedness, I see my Mom in her. How I miss her Dearly and that you for sharing your journey. Simply beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you


  2. I loved seeing the updates, stories, and singing by Helen, Nel, and Tom. What a great life. So glad she is still with you.
    Love to all.
    Former Fishing Buddy



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