Nel 035

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  1. Liz (Taylor) Bagley

    Hi, Tom,

    I’m your cousin Liz Taylor Bagley (the late Michaux Taylor’s daughter). I love, love, love these pictures and love seeing you and Helen having such fun. I took care of my mother (who passed away in 2009) and had the same kind of fun memories with her. I’d love to visit Helen if you think she would know me. Are you and your family in Richmond now or do you commute? My (deceased) husband was a Tennessee Volunteer, and we were at many of those Vols/Gator football games. I miss the SEC as we lived in GA and AL for some time and went to lots of games.

    Do let me know where Helen is and if visiting is a good thing or not. You can email me at

    love to you all,
    liz 🙂


  2. You were always the “older girl” I had a crush on way back in the day!

    I just imagined being the envy of everyone of my friends in Florida when I told them Liz Taylor was mine ; )

    You are more than welcome to come visit mom. She loves company and will make you feel like a million dollars! I’ll send you my mobile number so you can let me know when you’re coming our way.



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