Standing Tall in Mom’s Eyes

Mom Standing Tall

Either I am getting taller or mom is getting shorter.

OK, I know, I know. There’s no denying it. The flat fact is, at 93, mom is coming up on the short end of the stick … the yardstick that is.

And, it’s because she is shrinking. I call her the incredible shrinking mom. At 5’1″, I know she has to be at least two or three inches, shorter than she was when I started writing my blog a few years ago.

I have been 5’11” for what seems like forever, and after just finishing checking my height with a tape measure, I still am.

Mom has always insisted I’m 6′. I’ll say, “No, mom, I am 5’11’,” and she’ll come back with, “No, you are not. You are 6′, and that’s it.”

That one little inch she has given me has meant miles to me. I adore her for always giving me that extra inch.

She has always believed I am not only an inch taller than I am, but an inch smarter, more creative, funnier, better looking, you name it … and all of those inches have added up to miles and miles and miles … enough to stretch beyond the moon, the sun and the stars.

Whether it has been benefit of the doubt, encouragement or praise, it has always been inches more than I deserve.

But, now, I really do look like I am miles taller than mom.

When I help her put her sweater on in the morning, I’ll ask her to stand tall. And, as she stiffens to attention, I look down and see that, even though I remain the same, she just keeps getting shorter and shorter.

Then, I remember … my mom taught me “taller” is in the eye of the beholder.

So, I bend down and kiss her on the top of her head and whisper, “You are the tallest person I have ever known. And, that’s it.”

About Tom Laughon

Tom Laughon (Pronounced Lawn) is President of Catch Your Limit, an organization whose sole purpose is to guide and grow leaders. His journey from lead singer in a rock-n-roll band, to a successful career in marketing & advertising to consultant, strategist, keynote speaker, facilitator, professor and writer is a fascinating one. Headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, Tom and his team guide organizations, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies to national associations, to "catch their limit" in areas such as leadership development, creativity, innovation, teaming and transformational change. His commitment to "practice what he preaches" has made Catch Your Limit a petri dish for round-the-clock discovery and learning. The firm's brand reflects Tom's personal brand: Fun, Inspirational, Strategic & Hot!

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  1. She grows taller in my eyes every day! Thanks, Tom. I’ve adopted your mom.

    PS Her picture trumps yours.


  2. I love reading the stories about your home they always being a tear to my eye.



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