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Jesus Loves Me & More


Mom loves to sing.

Her favorite song is Jesus Loves Me.

When you ask her to sing a song, nine times out of ten, she belts out Jesus Loves Me … and she usually sings it spot on.

But, today, all I can say is she sang it in a totally unpredictable way.

Jesus loves me this I know
For the Bible tells me so
And he comes from Alabama
With a banjo on his knee
And he’s going to Louisiana
His true love for to see

I wish I could, but I could not make this up.

Two songs, two tunes, both from the mid-eighteen hundreds, merged together in a very unorthodox way, but merge they did.

I don’t know whether it was divine intervention or what, but I do believe mom’s creation, if accepted, would change the New Testament, and life as we know it, forever.

And, the pilgrimages to Alabama and Louisiana alone would have tourism skyrocketing through the roof … not to mention banjo sales.

Please note, I am not suggesting my ninety-three year old mom has started a holy movement.

A holy moly moment is probably more like it.

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Not Pink, Not Black, But Red All Over

Me: Mom, what color is the bible?

Mom: Pink.

Me: Pink?!

Mom: No, darker than that. Red.

It’s got to be a powerhouse color because it holds all that blah, blah, blah. It is not pink. It is red. And that’s it.

Me: Mom, have you ever seen a black bible?

Mom: No. There is no such thing. Black bibles are just red ones that are dirty. Some people use their bibles so much they just get them dirty. They don’t stop and wash their hands before they read like they should.

Me: So, mom, what color are bibles?

Mom: Bibles are all really red. I told you that … and that’s it.

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