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Love with all my Heart

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Livi, mom’s great granddaughter, is ten years old, lives four-and-a-half hours down the road in Wilmington, North Carolina, and loves to write mom letters.

My role is to read the letters to mom and video her reactions for Livi to savor … forever.

So here goes Livi’s latest letter … just know you are in for a treat!

If you do the math, Livi is 84 years younger than mom, but the connection between the two of them bridges both space and time.

I call this bridge, L-O-V-E.

And, I call my role as messenger, the greatest role one could ever dream of playing.

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Livi’s Great Note to Her Great Grandma

Livi is ten and one of mom’s six great grandchildren. She wrote mom a great note and sent it to Richmond, VA from her home in Wilmington, NC.

I thought it would be fun to video mom while I read Livi’s great note to her.

Little did I know it would be a one take wonder to behold.

It’s amazing just how much joy Livi’s simple act of kindness created.

Here’s video proof of what a note, call or a visit might mean to someone you know.

You don’t need a season or reason for doing it.

Why not create a little joy for someone right now.

Make a note of it!

Great Granddaughter, Livi

The Great Challenge: Win by a Nose

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Great granddaughter, Livi, has issued her great grandmother, Helen, The Great Challenge.

Livi lives in Wilmington, North Carolina, and has challenged mom, who lives in Richmond, Virginia, to balance a spoon on her nose, no super glue or other adhesives allowed.

The challenge was issued with the following image attached.

Well, maybe it was just the picture that was sent, but I am making it into a challenge.

There is  no question that Livi looks like and has the confidence of a champion.

What Livi doesn’t know is that mom has been practicing balancing a spoon on her nose for some time now and though her practice sessions are always done undercover, I have never underestimated her winning ways.

From the looks of things, mom seems mighty happy with what just happened.

In fact, judging from the two pictures, it is just too close for me to call!

So, I am calling on you to comment and tell me your choice of who should Win by a Nose. Votes will be closed at midnight on June 25th and the winner will be announced the next morning. So shoot your comments my way.

Who is the champion?

Is it Livi?

Is it Helen?

God only nose!

One-of-a Kind Livi’s One-of-a-Kind Letter

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Mom’s Great Granddaughter, Livi Heffron

My one-of-a-kind granddaughter and her one-of-a-kind letter need no introduction or explanation.

One postage stamp and 268 miles later, here’s the result of Livi’s one-of-a-kind letter. Mom just keeps reading and rereading it over and over again. It is a joy to watch.

I hope Livi sticks with her promise to “wright” every week.

That will guarantee I’ll have at least one blog post weekly!

Mom’s Great Granddaughter’s Great Song

My eight year old granddaughter, Livi, is a talented, beautiful, creative ball of energy and, like her great grandmother and me, loves to sing!

She wrote this song in a matter of minutes, we captured it on video, and I’ve been playing it and singing it for mom ever since.

And, just like you would have guessed, mom loves to watch the video waving her hands, tapping her feet and humming along.

Every time mom watches it, she asks, “Who is that girl you’re singing with?”

When I tell her it’s her great granddaughter, Livi, mom just smiles and says, “I know Livi! She is the most beautiful girl in the world! She sure does sing a great song.”

Lyrics: Livi’s Great Song  

I love you, we all love each other

In a world we’ll be all we can be

I love you, we all love each other

In a world we’ll see all we can see

In a world we’ll be all we can be

In a world we’ll see all we can see

In a world we’ll be all we can see

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