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Never Forget You’re an Angel from Heaven

My Angels!

This memory stuff weighs heavy on my mind.

I think about it all the time.Mom’s dementia and my sister’s long battle with Alzheimer’s (Nel passed away last March 28th) are constant reminders of just how fragile our minds and memories are.

I was helping mom walk from the car to her home and we had a little hill we had to get over to reach the backdoor. I was saying, “Way to go, mom! You are one strong lady taking this hill the way you do. Have you been jogging and lifting weights?”

Mom said, “Sure have. I am one strong little girl.”

“Have you always been as strong as you are now?” I asked.

“You better believe it. My daddy said, Sugar, you are the strongest girl in the United States of America, and that’s it.”

“Did he say that about your two brothers and sister?”

“No! Just me. He would say, Sugar, you are an angel from heaven. You do everything right. Never forget it.”

And, if you knew PaPa (the name we grandkids called mom’s dad) like I did, you knew when he told you to do something, it wasn’t an option.

I asked mom if she was still an angel. Without even blinking an eye, she said, “Oh I am, and I love it!”

Her answer made me think of my daughters, Tovi and Lissi.

Before I publish this blog, I want them to know their dad believes they are heavenly angels, too, just like their grandmother.

If my daughters remember nothing else about me, I want them to remember that I know they are angels from heaven … that they do everything right.

I have been a believer since the day they were born.

My prayer is, like mom, they will always believe it, too. And,no matter what, never forget it.


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