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Me: Mom, when I was baby, was I big or little?

Mom: You were just the right size.

You were perfection.

You did everything right.

You still do.

You don’t spit.

You know dirty words, but you don’t say them very much.

Me: [I am bent double, laughing my (sort of a dirty word) off.]

I love you, mom!

Mom: I want to thank you for your strongness [sic].

I love you everywhere I turn.

Me: [I am still in the bent double position, but mom has magically turned my laughter into joyful tears. Talk about perfection … I didn’t even see it coming. She has crafted the perfect tribute with a perfect concoction of words.]

Mom, I want to thank you for your strongness.

I love you everywhere I turn.

Mom: You’re welcome.

Strongness: Even though Google helped me find a definition for strongness, it is not considered a real Scrabble word! – Tom Laughon

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