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Thanksgiving’s for Nappers

Buddies Napping

Somehow I have to believe the Indians and Pilgrims who came together to create the first Thanksgiving also created the first group nap.

The two just go together.

It’s like every bite of food you put in your mouth whispers, “You’re getting sleepy. You’re getting real sleepy.”

Now, mom is no stranger to a good nap. It wasn’t the dinner that did her in, it was the desert. She went straight for the Cookies and Cream ice cream and orchestrated it so her eyes closed exactly after the last spoonful went down.

The big question … is she counting turkeys or counting sheep?

Only she knows and it looks like she’s going to keep it to herself.

Mom’s Special Thanksgiving Note

When I opened the envelope addressed to Family Laughon the receptionist at Circle Center cheerfully handed me, I was not expecting the surprise that was waiting for me inside.

It was a card and the cover read, A Season of Thanks.

After opening it I found myself captured by the picture of my little mom in that big old chair, the printed message and most of all, mom’s signature!

It reminded me of when I would get cards from my daughters, Tovi and Lissi, when they were in pre-school, kindergarten and lower school. I could see their drawings, their messages and their signatures flash before me.

Those cards were priceless and so is this one from mom.

Thanks and hugs go to the magic caregivers’ at Circle Center, mom’s daycare-extraordinaire castle, club house … world.

Like I said, I love mom’s signature!

Oh, and did I also mention, I love my mom!

These are special times, make the most of them!

Make sure you give thanks to the people who are meaningful in your life.

Happy Thanksgiving … A Season of Thanks!

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